Stunning Mountain Views at Rolling Rails Lodge- Corrine & Sam

I’m not sure what’s cooler- to get married at Rolling Rails Lodge in Port Matilda, PA… or to get married at Rolling Rails Lodge on Independence Day.

Corrine and Sam did just this. Their beautiful summer wedding was held at the height of Covid restrictions, and that didn’t stop their party once. It was a wonderful celebration filled with emotion, love, and, of course, the red-white-and-blue.

This was Emerald Stone’s first visit to Rolling Rails Lodge, and we are super in love. This scenic venue gives off a cool, natural feel, which is great during the hot, humid summers. It also has INCREDIBLE views of the nearby mountains that give the perfect backdrop for every outdoor ceremony. The lodge where receptions are held at Rolling Rails Lodge is also lovely; the rustic cabin-in-the-woods feel but with an upscale, luxurious vibe!

Special thank you to Corrine and Sam who let Emerald Stone celebrate with them not only on their wedding day but during their engagement session too (these two are super stylish- their engagement session made us feel like we were photographing Vogue). It was such an honor to get to know them and capture this big day… but also get to know their story, which is actually super adorable…

“Boy meets girl. Girl is dressed in a full sailor costume. It is not Halloween. Boy spends the night going full Billy Idol (dancing with himself).
Boy and girl say hello in passing for a few years. They take a ton of history courses in college, but never the same classes. Boy and girl become annoyingly into US History. Nothing has changed.
Boy and girl bump into each other one night. Boy asks girl to be his partner in a game of pool. Girl claims she is good at pool. Boy has been bamboozled by girl who is terrible at pool. Boy flirts with girl and miraculously wins the game, but girl does not stick around. She has pizza rolls at home.
A few months later, boy and girl celebrate two very different things on a random night in January. The only place open is Lagerheads. Somebody’s drunk grandpa is also in Lagerheads, and he is causing a ruckus. Girl is not impressed by grandpa’s stories about being in the civil war, and sends out an SOS signal. Boy comes to the rescue. Girl is FOREVER grateful.
Boy and girl talk for thousands of hours. Many pizzas later, boy and girl decide they like each other so much, they want to get the government involved.
Boy and girl like the government so much, they’re getting married on the 4th of July. Something about a “more perfect union.” Boy and girl can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together and are so very excited to be celebrating this momentous occasion with you.” -Corrine

Enjoy a few of our favorite shots from this wonderful Independence Day wedding!

Corrine and Sam’s Vendor Team:

Lead Photographer:
Josh of Emerald Stone Photography

Rolling Rails Lodge

Matthew Hauser

DJ Troy Breon

Wedding Gown:
Maggie Sottero

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