7 Simple Tips That Will Take the Stress Out of Your Wedding Day!

We all know planning a Wedding could be stressful. There are a million little details to consider, from your dress to your cake to your venue and everything in between.

That’s why Emerald Stone Photography teamed up with the fabulous and talented Susan Moran of That’s It! Wedding Concepts to give you 7 Simple Tips to help make your Wedding Day a breeze.

1. Choose Your Wedding Day & Celebrate!

MEGAN & STEVE WEDDING-553Take the time to research and tour Wedding Venues! Make it a point to meet with the Venue Coordinator and ask all of your your burning questions. This is such a crucial first step because many Venues are booked far in advance.

Once you have your Venue booked and your Wedding Date set in stone, it’s time to CELEBRATE! Seriously- you’re FOR REAL getting married!

2. Hire Your Wedding Photographer!

MEGAN & STEVE WEDDING-609This is one of the fun Wedding to-dos . . . it’s time to hire a Wedding Photographer! You definitely want to hire someone with years of experience and who not only matches your personality and budget but the overall style you envision for your photos.

Emerald Stone Photography is thrilled to offer our couples luxury Wedding Photography for every step of your Wedding Journey. Our focus is on the incredible moments of love and emotion that are found in every detail of this wonderful CELEBRATION.

Remember- your Wedding Photography is something you will keep and cherish for the rest of your life. It is what you will have to remember everything by!

3. Decide on Your Budget … and STICK to It!

It’s a fact; Weddings are expensive. This can become a source of stress without a solid Expense Plan. The average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2018 was $25,000. So it is absolutely necessary that you do your research and set your Budget before ANY Wedding shopping.

4. Hire a Wedding Designer-Planner & Take Away ALL the Stress!

DEVON & ERIC WEDDING-BLOG LOWER RES-12Hiring a Wedding Planner is an absolute MUST if you want the Wedding Planning Process and your “Best Day Ever” to be stress-free! Most couples and their families have demanding full-time careers, so why not hire a Professional whose full-time job is YOUR Wedding?

An experienced Wedding Planner will save time and money because they know how to avoid time-wasting mistakes and pitfalls. They are also an incredible resource when it comes to Vendor Referrals; they know which Vendors are ethical and excellent!

A Wedding Planner will also help you in creating and maintaining a responsible and realistic Budget. They are passionate about helping your Wedding Vision come to life and are there to help you enjoy the Best Day Ever!

5. Hey, Gorgeous! It’s Time to Find Your Wedding Gown!


Megan’s beautiful Gown by Philly Bride paired with Wyndridge Farm’s stunning surroundings.

We might be a little biased, but Wedding Gown shopping is one of our favorite parts of the whole Wedding Planning Process!

Every Gown has its own unique personality, and that’s why you’ll want to start shopping earlier rather than later. You want to find the perfect match for your own personality, body shape, and style!

Remember to build time into your schedule to have your Wedding Gown fitted and altered as well!


6. Collaborate Early and Often With Vendors


Butera The Florist is South Central PA’s most innovative Wedding Florist!

Have questions when it comes to your wedding day? Make sure to consult your Wedding Dream Team of Vendors early and often. With good communication from YOU, they will make sure your wedding day is absolute perfection.

Wedding Vendors are already accustomed to collaborating with other Vendors on events, so be sure to use their knowledge, expertise, and connections to help alleviate any stress when it comes to your big day. Remember- we’re here for YOU.

7. Ask Your Most Special People to Be Part of Your Wedding


The Chapel at Wyndridge Farm | Breathtaking Views in Southern PA

Now’s the time to ask all of the most important people in your life to join you at the altar. It’s time to ask them to be your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!

There are countless totally unique ways to ask friends and family to be in your Wedding. Just like your Wedding Gown, you’ll want to make sure to build any unique gifts or ways you want to ask your friends and family into your busy schedule and Budget.

Emerald Stone Photography is now booking for 2019 and 2020 weddings, and we would LOVE to chat with you about capturing every beautiful moment of your big day. Drop us a line here. We can’t wait to talk to you!

Special thanks to the incredible advice from Wedding and Event Planner, Susan Moran of That’s It! Wedding Concepts. Susan is based in south-central Pennsylvania, travels anywhere, and she has years of experience planning Weddings of all types!

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With a pinch of southern charm and a hand to hold throughout the journey, Susan is ready to help you plan the Best Day Ever! She’d love to chat with you here!

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