Why Wedding Photography?

There are so many options for photography out there. Fashion, landscape, wildlife, photojournalism. But out of all these, Erica of Emerald Stone most took to wedding photography and for more unique reasons than one might guess.

Her photography career actually began not with photography but with videography where she was able to eventually combine another one of her interests- graphic design. With this background and combination of mediums, her interest in photography began to blossom. Erica is a 2006 graduate of the Art Institute of York, and she has over a decade of digital media experience.


But why photography, out of videography and graphic design? It was an art chosen out of tragedy.

When Erica was 6 years old, her family experienced a horrific house fire. While sitting in the ambulance with her younger brother, huddled in a blanket, she watched her home go up in flames, destroying everything inside. When firemen were finally able to enter the home, there was one closet in her mother’s bedroom saved from the flames.

Inside this closet were dozens and dozens of family photo albums… the only things to survive the fire. Her family lost everything except these precious photos, the ones that held decades of memories; the ones that were now the only items this family had to their name.

Erica has carried this with her since that day, and photography took on an entirely new meaning. Within these prints contain memories of beautiful and happy occasions, memories that last a lifetime, and what is a more joyous occasion than a wedding? She knew wedding photography was the best choice for her because of the incredible meaning behind these photos.

behind the scenes b&w

It’s Emerald Stone Photography’s ultimately goal to capture candid and personal moments during these special days for you to not only enjoy in your lifetime but to pass on to the next generation. They are items that can be shared with your children and grandchildren, and for families like Erica who experience difficult times, they can can take on entirely new meaning.

If you are looking for a photographer with extensive experience capturing all the fun, beautiful, emotional moments found on a wedding day, let us know here. We would love to talk with you!

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  1. Great article! I personally adore primes, so I loved seeing them mentioned here. The art lenses are great additions to my lineup, too. I’ll definitely take a look at the film emulation links mentioned. Thanks for your time invested in this write up!

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