3 Tips for Posing Like a Pro

Most people can safely say they have little to no experience modeling, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look spectacular in their wedding photos!

It can be hard to know what to do once that camera lens focuses on you, but Emerald Stone is always here to help you feel more comfortable, more confident, and, most importantly, have the most fun during your photo shoot! We have three tips to share to help you pose like a pro at your engagement and wedding shoots.


Tip 1: Have Fun

There’s really only one rule when having your photos taken by Emerald Stone… and that’s to have the most fun you possibly can! The more you feel at ease, the more your natural self will shine through and make your photos uniquely yours.

No need to stand straight as a statue with us! We want you laughing and dancing and having a great time.

One of Erica’s favorite tricks of the trade? Have the guy whisper something hilarious into their girl’s ear. It works like a charm!


Tip 2: Keep Your Hands Busy

Knowing what to do with your hands when having your photo taken is one of the more challenging aspects for our couples. But all you need to do is keep at least one of your hands busy for fabulous photos.

This can be playing with your necklace, holding hands, resting hands in a natural way. Emerald Stone wants your personalities to shine through.


Tip 3: Pretend We’re Invisible

As much as Emerald Stone loves hanging out with you, we want you to completely ignore us. Pretend we’re not here. Make us completely invisible.

We focus heavily on capturing candid moments, and we want the bride and groom to focus on each other instead of us. Those looks of love and happiness really come out on their own when the couple is focused on each other instead of the photographer.

We try to keep the couple focused on each other with activities like taking a walk, having the groom kiss the bride on the cheek, having the bride look down while giving us a soft smiles. Just pretend we’re not here, and we’ll capture all of these intimate moments for you.

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