Unplugged Weddings 101

The term ‘unplugged wedding’ is thrown around a lot in the wedding industry today, and more and more brides are opting for this type of event. But what exactly does the term ‘unplugged’ mean?


Who & What?

An unplugged wedding refers to a ceremony where the bride and groom ask their friends and family to not take any photos during their ceremony or reception. That means no cell phones, iPads, digital cameras, or any other types of recording devices should be present during these special moments . . . except for the photographer, of course!


Where & When?

Typically, the unplugged rule begins as soon as guests take their seats, but it is especially important during the wedding party procession and the ceremony itself. The only person who should be taking photos during an unplugged wedding is the photographer.

The same rules apply to the reception. While most couples do not mind their guests taking photos or videos during the post-dinner reception, guests should refrain from using their cell phones during any entrances, speeches, or first dances.



Unplugged weddings have both their supporters and critics, but many of our brides are leaning more towards having an unplugged wedding than not.

One of the best things about having an unplugged wedding is that guests can simply be present for this special occasion in their loved ones’ lives. They don’t have to fuss about while trying to record the bride walking down the aisle and completely miss the moment because their focus was only on snapping photos.

Although having a paparazzi can be quite flattering, most brides and grooms don’t want to be bombarded with camera flashes or the sound of a hundred lens clicking when they are trying to focus on reciting vows to one another.


The photos the couple gets to keep from their professional photographer are also not littered with cameras and cellphones in an unplugged wedding. The focus remains on the couple and their promise to one another.

An unplugged wedding is great for the photographer as well. The photographer who was hired for the event probably does not want to have a showdown with wedding guests in order to get the best shot at the best angle. The photographer is better able to capture all these beautiful moments without guests jumping in the way to get their own shots.

For some pretty cringeworthy examples of wedding photos ruined by cell phones, check out this link here. It will make even the most technologically addicted teenager shiver to their core!

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