5 Moments that Make Photographers Cry

Weddings are happy occasions, but who among us hasn’t shed a tear or two at a beautiful wedding? Photographers are no different! Even though we have the pleasure of photographing tons and tons of weddings each year, we always get a little misty eyed when we see the love and happiness between two people, especially because we work hard to really get to know our couples far before the wedding day.

Happy criers, you are not alone. Emerald Stone has a few moments that make even the photographers tear up on the bride and groom’s big day.


Loved Jack’s reaction when he saw Kayla for the first time on their wedding day. So much love!

1. When the Groom Sees his Bride

When the groom first sets eyes on his bride as she is escorted down the aisle, that moment gets us tearing up every time. Some grooms shed a few tears, and some hold it in with a giant grin, but they always radiate excitement, joy, and happiness when seeing the love of their life of the first time on their wedding day. And when the bride looks back, whether with tears of happiness or a shy smile, it’s just one of our favorite moments.


One proud dad!

2. Walking the Bride Down the Aisle

Another moment that makes us blubber like babies is when dads (or moms!) walk their daughters down the aisle. This is such a proud moment for parents, and we know it’s something just as important to the brides. We love when mothers of the bride and groom make their entrance to the ceremony; it’s the coming together of two families out of love that is such a touching moment.


Megan and Cody were all smiles on their wedding day.

3. Reading of the Vows

When it’s time to for the bride and groom to read their vows and make their public commitment of love and loyalty to one another, we can’t help but cry a little, especially when the couple has written their own vows. These vows come from the heart and soul of the couple in an incredibly moving way, and it is truly the beginning of their new life together. It’s absolutely cry-worthy!


A beautiful moment between Kayla and her dad.

4. Dad-Daughter Dance

One moment that gets us every time is the daddy-daughter dance, probably because no matter how old you get as a daughter, you will always be daddy’s little girl! It’s a touching moment between father and daughter as he gets ready to “hand over” the job of protecting his daughter to her new husband. We always think of our dads as strong, so when a few tears slip through during the dance, well. We’re probably sobbing behind the camera!


Jennifer and Jason’s and their princess daughter!

5. Family Photos with Children

When the children of the bride and groom are a part of the wedding, it is truly a wonderful moment for not only the couple but the whole family. We love seeing the whole family together during this important milestone in their parents’ lives, and we absolutely love when kids are able to play a role in the ceremony. It’s not just the beginning of a new life for the bride and groom but for the family! Love is multiplied, and this is beyond tear-worthy.

Emerald Stone would love to be there to photograph your cry-worthy moments at your wedding! If you are planning an upcoming wedding, we would love to help. Let’s chat here!

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