4 Ways to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Photography is one of the most important investments you will make when it comes to your wedding day. These snapshots in time will be cherished for the rest of your life, and you want quality, professional photos of your big day that reflect this joyous occasion where your love began. Naturally, you want to choose the right wedding photographer who will be taking these shots very carefully.

So how do you go about narrowing down photographers? Emerald Stone has just a few suggestions of things to keep in mind while interviewing potential photographers, things we like to discuss with our brides every day.


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What is their Style?

Every photographer has their own unique style, and this style will be reflected in their photos. Some wedding photographers have a pretty traditional style (think back to your parents’ wedding album!); some are a little more bold and edgy. Some opt for a fine art style, and some love to shoot in just black-and-white. What’s important is that this style is also your style.

You should opt for a photographer whose style matches your own. If you are looking for photos that reflect a refined, classic style, check out the photographer’s portfolio to see if this is a great match. If you want your photos to be a little more unique and stray from the norm, you might feel more comfortable finding a photographer who is used to shooting in unique locations. Either way, you want your photos to reflect your style and not settle for someone else’s, especially on your big day.

How Many Weddings have they Shot?

Finding an experienced wedding photographer is key. You want someone who has a long history of not only filming weddings but understanding the wedding “process.”

A lot happens at weddings, and a photographer needs to understand when and where is appropriate to film, especially in certain locations like churches. You don’t need extra anxiety on your wedding day worrying that your photographer is forgetting to shoot really important details. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer how many years they’ve been working in the wedding industry when considering their work.

How Professional are They?

Like in every profession, not all wedding photographers are created equal. You really want an experienced professional with a resume of many different wedding shoots under their belt, as well as someone who knows how to act during the entire event. You also really want a photographer who keeps cool under pressure, can turn their creativity on in a snap, and is ready for anything, whether it be a rain storm or a family member clash.

Not only are weddings highly emotional, they are very sacred for some, so your photographer needs to understand how to act in both the ceremony and reception. When interviewing them, try to get a sense of their personality and if this photographer is someone who will help put everyone at ease or will rile people up even more.

Do you Feel a Connection with Them?

Is this photographer someone you feel comfortable with? That your bridal party will feel comfortable with? Do they put you at ease? Make you nervous? Have a quirky personality you can’t quite click with? These are all things you want to take into consideration when choosing a wedding photographer.

A great photographer should have the ability to capture moments naturally while, at the same time, knowing how to pose clients for beautiful shots. You don’t want your photos to look too staged, but you also want help knowing how to stand for flawless images. If your photographer isn’t someone you feel comfortable with, it has the potential to make the experience awkward. Interview your photographer beforehand; ask them about some potential poses, their experience filming in unique locations, and their visual style. The more you know about them, the better you will feel about whether or not you trust them with your wedding photography.

These are just a few but vital questions to ask while interviewing potential wedding photographers. If you have more specific questions regarding Emerald Stone’s extensive wedding photography experience, our visual style, and some of our favorite places to shoot, we would love to talk with you! Drop us a line here.

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